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][CE has been around for a long time. This squad is based on tactics and not being a lone wolf-Rambo. ][CE is about getting back to the implementation of solid tactics and good teamwork that is a recipe for a good squad. We are a all adult squad with min age to join being 20 plus. We have a dedicated Team Speak 3  server and We have a 20 person BFBC2 Game server. We are looking to get up to 8 to 10 good players. We also dont believe in having a big squad. If this sounds like what you are looking for then check us out and fill out a recruitment form located to the left of the site under ][CE Menu.

Our recruitment proccess is easy all you do is show up on TeamSpeak with us and hang with the group if you work good with the squad your in. You dont have to worry about your score just good team work skills.



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New maps for our server rotation?

Grand Bazaar
Teheran Highway
Caspian Border
Seine Crossing
Operation Firestorm
Damavand Peek
Noshahr Canals
Kharg Island
Operation Metro
Gulf of Oman
Strike at Karkand
Sharqi Peninsula


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